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Do you have a foot odor problem and every product you've tried didn't work, or last long?  Xzuber works every time - and lasts - guaranteed!  After reading the testimonials you will see that many of our customers say a jar lasts them 1 or 2 years before having to reorder. Please read testimonials  (Testimonials...)                                        







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"A Little Dot Does A Lot!
With the small amount that I am using I expect that the jar will last me years (I am not kidding).  Just like your ad suggests - you don't need very much to do the job."  - C. Sanders 02/2002


JMG PRODUCTS wanted to share a statement a customer made when Reordering On 09/09/2002. Reason is to show people how long this product can last and it's Effectiveness. She wrote: As I did in July 2000 I will send my check for one jar of Odor Eraser. This product is wonderful and definitely changed the life habits of my daughter who was plagued by Foot Odor. That is a little over 2 years from one Jar. J. Kholmen 09-09-2002


Application for Feet:

Wash and dry feet thoroughly before bedtime.  Apply Odor Eraser™ sparingly to bottom of feet and between toes, where odor causing bacteria collects.  Wash feet the next morning with soap and water.  Repeat application as needed following the same instructions.  Odor Eraser™ continues to kill odor-causing bacteria between applications, therefore it may not be necessary to use daily - but only after bacteria regenerates.

"The Best All-Natural Solution for Bothersome and Persistent FOOT, UNDERARM, & PROSTHESIS ODOR!"


Thank you so much for your help. I plan to be a loyal customer for the rest of my life. You guys sure have a gold mine on your hands, because I have tried so many products that say they work but don't. Your product however is the very best thing on the market. I can't say enough about your customer service either, you resolve things fast with such professionalism, and for that I am very grateful.

Best Regard's - Maria 04/2003





"Xzuber" is a totally new and unique, all-natural product that kills foot odor causing bacteria.  It does not mask the foot odor like other products, but destroys the bacteria (safely, and without chemicals) that causes offensive foot odor.  Xzuber remains in the skin for a period of time after application, allowing the antibacterial ingredients like Calendula Oil, Tea Tree Oil to mention a few, to prevent odor.  The regeneration of bacteria can take weeks and that is why "Odor Eraser" lasts even after showering. Our Product works after the first application. Odor Eraser works so good, after using "Odor Eraser" for a few weeks, you will find the need for re-application less frequent. Some of our customers say they actually thought their foot odor was gone. Some say it takes the Odor away up to Two Months, others Six Months with out having to re-apply Xzuber..

We have also found out through customers , and even one of the owners that Odor Eraser also help's treat athlete's Foot. Tea Tree Oil, Calendula Oil is in our product are strong anti-fungal agents, that is why it is so effective on fighting athlete's foot.   Guaranteed or your money back, no questions asked.

 Odor Eraser is extremely effective in taking odor out of smelly shoes. Read below and see for your self.

Please rush-testimonial... Rub on shoe insoles
liberally and place in pillow case for three days. 
The smell is now removed from the shoes, and
there is no need to throw away!!!!! Sometimes it
takes two applications, but it saved a pair of
$300.00 shoes! 
Thank you 07-2003

The product worked great My son always had a problem with foot odor. after 2 weeks it was gone His shoes don't smell anymore. I'm so glad I found this product My son thanks you too. Two friends are planning to order to.-J. Mayer 10/01/02


Each jar of multi-use Odor Eraser is 1/2 ounces (15 grams).  Keep in mind - a little goes a LONG way!  Some of our customers only need to re-apply a few times a year (foot or prosthesis use), once the product has been used for a month, or so. Our Anti-bacterial ingredients: Calendula Oil, Tea Tree Oil remain in the skin for a period of time. That is why you re-apply it less and less increasing the days between applications.

(more testimonials...)

"Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!!
My husband has suffered from foot odor most of his adult life. Your product is a miracle. He has tried everything from sprays to crèmes to thinking about amputation at the ankles to rid himself of the smell. Your product not only works, it works after the first application!!! No false promises here thanks a million." 

- R. Prusia-Hall

Now my wife can suck on my toes again. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!
- J & L Smith

"Your product is wonderful, my smelly feet are cured!  I am recommending your product to others.  Thanks!"    - L. Schiff

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"Every time I took my shoes off the odor was so repugnant I couldn't get around my girlfriend unless I washed my feet first!  I tried all the other products on the market and felt it was pointless to try another, but Odor Eraser performed after the first application."
- Mike, age 32

"I had foot extreme foot odor since I was a teenager and after trying everything on the market, I actually resorted to pouring gasoline on my feet and scrubbing them to get rid of the awful stench!  After using a few applications of Odor Eraser the odor disappeared! Now I maintain odor free feet with only a few applications a year!"
- Stanley, age 60 years

"I was made fun of because my feet stunk so bad.  I was so embarrassed to take my shoes off at anyone's house that I didn't stay overnight anywhere but now I can!  I use Odor Eraser every Sunday evening and the smell is gone!"
- Billy, age 8

"The Best All-Natural Solution for Bothersome and Persistent FOOT, UNDERARM, & PROSTHESIS ODOR!"

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$15.95 each.  To order online click the "Buy!" button above and follow instructions. 
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Who would really appreciate a Gift of multi-purpose "Xzuber"?
  Hmmm....let's see...there's athletes (all sports), sports teams, golfers, chronic "smelly feet" sufferers, teenagers (almost all), active prosthetic wearers (new use!),   weekend athletes, friends with really bad "B.O." (new use!),   armchair athletes, kids, grown-ups, grandparents, moms, dads, sisters, brothers, college dorm room residents, summer camp "returnees", room mates, team mates, cousins, friends, bowling team mates, nurses, skiers, hockey players, soccer players, runners, joggers, roller bladders, hospital workers, office workers, work boot wearers, hikers, skateboarders, bikers (pedal and motor), tennis players, boyfriends, girlfriends, teachers, police officers, firemen and women, salespersons, etc. etc. etc.....

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