What makes this product so unique?

is not just for feet! Why? Because the all-natural Unique Formula- Zinc Oxide, Tea Tree and Calendula Oils in our product are extremely effective at eliminating foot and underarm (body) odors, and in removing odors from your prosthesis or shoes. It even eliminates athlete's foot!

Results may vary from person to person!

Eliminates Foot Odor

is a totally new and unique, all-natural product that eliminates the bacteria that causes foot odor (Stinky feet & smelly feet). One jar can last for years. Unlike other products, does not mask the foot odor, but controls the bacteria (safely, and without chemicals) that cause offensive foot odor. remains on the skin for a period of time after application, allowing the antibacterial ingredients (Zinc Oxide, Calendula Oil, and Tea Tree Oil) to prevent odor and foot smell. The regeneration of bacteria can take weeks even months, which is why lasts even after showering. Another great benefit Of Xzuber is that it helps sooth dry cracked skin. Xzuber is your foot smell solution and your foot smell remedy, buy Xzuber for your foot smell problem!!

Our product works after the first application and continues to work for days regardless of physical activity. In fact, works so well that after using for just a couple of applications, you will find you need less-frequent applications. Some of our customers say they actually thought their foot odor was gone. Customers say it takes the odor away for two to six months between applications. Please check out our Testimonials !!

Eliminates Athlete's Foot

Also called tinea pedis, athlete's foot is a fungal infection that thrives in warmth and dampness; it lives off the dead skin cells on the feet and in the groin area, but especially between toes. Symptoms include: inflammation, burning, itching, scaling, and blistering. Athlete's foot and jock itch are most prevalent in the gyms and locker rooms. The fungus spreads even faster when beneficial bacteria are controlled by the use of antibiotics, drugs, or radiation.

The strong anti- fungal agents in make it very effective in the treatment, and relief of athlete's foot. We have had tremendous feedback from our customers telling us that, with just one application, not only is their foot odor gone but their athlete's foot has also disappeared!

Eliminates Body Odor

Our bodies produce two kinds of sweat: eccrine and apocrine, neither of which has an odor. Eccrine is found all over our bodies and helps regulate the body's temperature. Apocrine is the body-odor culprit. It is found in the groin and underarm areas and causes body odor when it reacts with the bacteria on our skin.

The same great bacteria-controlling ingredients in that eliminate foot odor are also extremely effective in eliminating this bothersome underarm body odor. is all-natural long lasting deodorant cream, free of aluminum, safe and gentle on your underarm skin and works for body odor that can not be masked by regular retail products. A single application will eliminate body odor and prevent body odor for days regardless of physical activity, even last after showering. If you suffer from persistent or bothersome body odor we urge you to try . We believe it will work where other products have failed. We will even refund your money if it doesn't work for you! Please visit our Application Instructions page to learn more about how to use under your arms. Please check out our Testimonials and stop bad body odor & body odor problems, cure body odor & eliminate body smell !!

This product has changed my life. In the past year, my body chemistry has changed and I had body odor. Nothing I tried worked. I found your product online and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. As a school librarian, I work in close contact and I no longer have to worry that I will offend anyone. S. P 03/2007

Eliminates Prosthesis Odor

Due to an accident, one of the owners of JMG Products is now an amputee. A month after having his prosthesis, he noticed a foul odor. It bothered him so much that he would set the prosthesis across the room when he wasn't wearing it. Out of desperation he decided to try and to his delight completely eliminated the bothersome smell on his prosthesis. We are happy to have discovered this new useful, all-natural & safe solution for bothersome prosthetic odor!

Eliminates Shoe Odor

is extremely effective in taking odors out of Smelly Shoes. J. Mayer tells us: "The product worked great for my son who always had a problem with foot odor, after 2 weeks it was gone. His shoes don't smell anymore. I'm so glad I found this product and my son thanks you too. Two friends are planning to order too."

Another satisfied customer tells us: Rub on shoe insoles liberally and place in pillow case for three days. The smell is now removed from the shoes, and there is no need to throw them away!!!!! Sometimes it takes two applications, but it saved a pair of $300.00 shoes!

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